BOOK ONE / The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception

by Roy Dittman, OMD, MH

Reviews & advance praise for Brighton Baby

"Gems of wisdom to deepen intimacy."


“More than just a pathway to having an extraordinary child, Brighton Baby contains gems of wisdom on how to deepen intimacy between couples.”


– John Gray, PhD, author of Mars and Venus in the Bedroom




"Safeguarding humanity’s future."          


“... From infertility to developmental disorders and more, Dr. Roy Dittmann has compiled this impressively inclusive compendium with the goal of safeguarding humanity’s future and respecting every precious child.”


– Teri Arranga, Editor-in-Chief, Autism Science Digest




"Timeless wisdom... and latest health science to enhance human potential."


“By introducing future parents to the little-known world of health before conception, Brighton Baby meticulously guides them on a path to having an extraordinary child. Dr. Dittmann’s family was a pioneer in the fitness industry alongside such luminaries as Jack LaLane and Vic Tanny. As a former Team Doctor in the Olympics and peak performance coach, Dr. Dittmann integrates the timeless wisdom of other cultures with the the latest health science to enhance human potential. In Brighton Baby, he profoundly establishes the undeniable link between parent health and fitness, and the physical and mental excellence of their future child.”


– Paul Grzymkowski, Former Co-Owner and President/International Director of Gold’s Gym Franchising, Inc.




“A definitive guide to having an extraordinary child.”


“Dr. Dittmann has produced a Definitive Guide on how to have an extraordinary child.”


– Burton Goldberg, doctorate of humanities (hon.), Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, father, educator, activist, film producer, and author of dozens of books.




“A precursor to conscious parenting.”


"This book is a precursor to conscious parenting, and a book I have been waiting for, or wanting to write for some time... thank you for this incredible in depth work."


– Ayman Sawaf, Creator of the Emotional Literacy series for kids;




“Showing humanity a way forward.”


“Our collective evolution is calling us to treat conception as a sacred act and to proactively prepare before conception to ensure the health and happiness of future generations. Bravo Brighton Baby! and thank you Dr. Dittmann for showing humanity a way forward.”


– Rowan Gabrielle, author of Sacred Commerce, London




“The key to ensuring our biological future.”


"Brilliant! Poetically insightful...and thought provoking! This book is the key to awakening humankind and ensuring our biological future. This insatiable read is a fascinating wealth of eye-opening and soul awakening literature that is fundamental to the survival of the human species. It is an imperative that every couple considering conception read this for the sake of our unborn generations."


– Mari Oxenberg, Certified Nurse-Midwife, Birthwell Los Angeles




“Follow this path to the best outcomes!”


“Dr. Roy Dittmann can always be found working on the most advanced and daring frontiers of human development. This book demonstrates his unwavering commitment to preventing birth defects and helping couples to conceive, give birth, and raise healthy, happy children. Follow this path to the best outcomes!


– David Chamberlain, Ph.D., past president of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) and author of Windows to the Womb. 




“We have utilized Dr. Dittmann’s proven techniques... our daughter is now three.”


“It’s about time! A book that delivers us an organic approach to preparing our bodies for a healthy conception... equipping us to be the parents we were designed to be. We have had the privilege of utilizing Dr. Dittmann’s proven techniques and recommendations... Our incredibly healthy, strong, athletic, advanced daughter is now three years old and we are four months pregnant with our son. You can’t put a price on life… Brighton Baby comes with my highest recommendation!”


– Mary Jean Bentley (age 40), BSN, RN pediatric nursing, actress, film producer and mother, Texas




"A roadmap for reducing your biological age."


Dr. Dittmann provides older couples with a roadmap for reducing their biological age so that they can safely conceive an extraordinary child! His groundbreaking theories on health and disease are sure to turn heads, stir controversy, and bring more awareness to the impact of our environment on gene expression and therefore the health of future generations.”


– William Andrews, Ph.D., founder of Sierra Sciences, formulator of Product B, and member of the team that cloned the anti-aging enzyme... telomerase.




“Brighton Baby... may just halt the epidemic of autism and other health-related conditions.”


“The unprecedented rise in birth defects and neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD is clearly being caused by the synergistic effects of environmental pollutants, synthetic food additives, and estrogenic chemicals. Fetuses have the odds stacked against them... Brighton Baby provides a preconception pathway that if followed... may just halt the epidemic of autism and other health-related conditions.”


– Deborah Merlin, mother and author of Victory Over ADHD - A holistic approach for helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.




“Helping men synchronize their sperm with a woman’s strong and healthy body.”


I'm thrilled about Brighton Baby! It's so important that we realize our 'response-ability' to counter the toxicity we live in. Dr. Dittmann shows couples a new road map... helping men synchronize their sperm with a woman's strong and healthy body."

– Catherine Garceau, Olympic medalist and author of Swimming Out of Water, a journey of self-discovery.




“What a gift Brighton Baby is...”


“Our highest goal as naturopathic doctors is to help educate people about the true root of their dis-ease. Where do these roots of dis-ease begin? They begin before you are even born, within the bodies of your parents... Never before have I seen such an absolute complete and comprehensive text to guide and educate future and current parents about how to protect our greatest asset for ourselves and our children - true vibrant health. What a gift Brighton Baby is...”


– Dr. Amanda Ward, N.D. of Bloom Natural Health, San Diego, CA




“Brighton Baby is a must read...”


"I have worked with Dr. Dittmann for almost 30 years now... Over the years, he has been steadfast in his commitment to preventing birth defects and to helping couples realize their dream of having an extraordinary baby. Brighton Baby is a must read for anyone interested in transforming their health before conceiving."


– Rex Wilson, N.D. - National College for Naturopathic Medicine, Los Angeles, CA




“I highly recommend Brighton Baby... for those with children anywhere on the spectrum.”


"Roy Dittmann does an extraordinary job of fully exploring triggers for Autism and ADHD. His research packed book provides clues about how your future child may be impacted and offers up simple, straightforward preventive solutions. As a homeopath, I utilize the homeopathic vaccinations recommended in Brighton Baby for my clients. I highly recommend this book for parents considering having children as well as those with children anywhere on the spectrum."


– Sima Ash, mother of an autistic child, Clinical Homeopath, CEASE Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist, Orange County, CA




“Guarding future generations...”


“There is nothing that impacts human health and reproduction more than heavy metal toxicity. Dr. Dittmann is guarding future generations by promoting heavy metal detoxification... If you are having a difficult time conceiving or are concerned about birth defects in your future child, Brighton Baby has the answers.”


– Christopher Shade, Ph.D., founder of Quicksilver Scientific, Lafayette, CO




“When Roy Dittmann speaks, I listen!”


“When Roy Dittmann speaks I, listen!... Brighton Baby just proves what I have recognized about Dr. Dittmann for years: that he is one of the best and brightest wholistic physicians we have in the US. This excellent cutting-edge treatise comes with my highest recommendation; it should be sine qua non reading for all future parents... it is certainly an enormous step forward in reclaiming the optimal health that we, and all future generations, deserve.”


– Louisa L. Williams, MS, DC, ND, Author of Radical Medicine




“Dr. Dittmann’s opus is pure genius...”


“One may say my biological clock is on its last tick...That is until I read Brighton Baby by Dr. Roy Dittmann. Dittmann's opus is pure genius has not just instilled encouragement about proper pre conception and pre natal care to GUARANTEE a biologically superior child, he has given me confidence, not hope, that I CAN (or WILL) have a super healthy offspring that will exhibit superb health and intelligence. In Dittmann's pages of divine wisdom I know now that I can bring a buoyant baby into this world even into my late 40s. Dr. Dittmann you are an eukaryocyte (a good egg)!”


– Katherine Hobson, 42, Santa Monica, CA




“Brighton Baby provides a historical contribution to the human race...”


"... A Future Classic, both ambitious in scope and extraordinarily executed, Brighton Baby enlightens and reveals the complex process of conceiving a healthy, intelligent child... It poignantly convinces both men and women to take responsibility for transforming their own health before giving life to another. Inviting Future Fathers into the dialog... is a revolutionary concept that will forever change the reproductive landscape. Brighton Baby provides a historical contribution to the human raise - helping us to realize a future world populated by Healthy Vibrant, Loving people."


– Kipp Stroden, Chairman and CEO of Essential Living Foods, Inc.




“For... male and female reproductive health, I would trust my family to no one else.”


Brighton Baby should be called ‘The Book of Answers’. Dr. Dittmann provides a comprehensive guide to help us all lead strong, healthy lives. It is the best resource yet written for conceiving healthy, gifted children. I have known Dr. Dittmann for over 24 years, and for overall health and especially male and female reproductive health, I would trust my family to no one else.”


– Robert Orozco, President of Purify, LLC




“A rare combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine insights, indigenous secrets from around the world.”


Brighton Baby is a rare combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine insights, indigenous secrets from around the world, and real food nutritional guidelines. I personally have utilized many of the recommendations in Brighton Baby. Rarely have I seen a book filled with this much straight talk and valuable health information... it over delivers, filling in the missing pieces to conceiving an extraordinary baby.”


– Scott Ferguson, peak performance coach and avid beach volleyball player, Los Angeles

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