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The Brighton Method provides you and your partner with an integral roadmap to take charge of your reproductive health. There are many advanced methods and clinical procedures that are appropriately not included here, but that are included in The Brighton Method Certification Program for health professionals.


The Brighton Method is based on my own 30 years of experience in perinatal health. My concern for perinatal health began when I was a child (more about that in the first chapter). After completing my doctorate in Oriental Medicine, I completed post-doctoral certifications and internships in specialty areas such as women’s reproductive health, prostate health, myopractry (Osteopathic manipulation), prenatal yoga, pediatrics (Sho Ni Shin), natural fertility, parasitology, and prenatal massage and manipulation (Tui Na and Cheng Gua).


Later, I had opportunities to collaborate with perinatal specialists from many countries, cultures and medical traditions, who shared my concern for the health, vitality and evolution of future generations. The Brighton Method is also informed and proven by my observation and wholistic treatment of hundreds of preconception couples, and pregnant mothers and their babies. After all, it isn’t as much the things you know that will cause you problems – it’s all the things you don’t know. I like to refer to those things we don’t know as “blind spots”.


Drawing on robust science and a lot of common sense, in Brighton Baby I turn a spotlight on these blind spots, including the hidden dangers of processed foods, contaminated drinking water, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins, “electrosmog”, genetically modified foods, antibiotics, the honest pros and cons of vaccines, and more. But you won’t be left wondering what to do. For every problem I expose as being a contributor to infertility or birth defects, I offer solutions in The Brighton Method for increasing the likelihood that you will conceive a healthy, extraordinary human being.



The Brighton Method is the perinatal protocol resulting from distinctions found in Brighton Baby

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